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Delta International, an accredited leading trading academy since 2017 providing proper financial trading education. We pride ourselves on being the most trusted skills educators, placing your needs first in everything we do. Our community-driven, personalized programs help in creating a better, financially literate community.

Our Mission

“ Delta has been on a mission to enable learners reach their financial goals. We provide specific and dedicated education on trading related subjects and our flexible learning solutions connect our students globally ”

Our Vision

“ Our vision is to be a leading institution that educates and inspires individuals to become top-notch traders and entrepreneurs in a rapidly evolving world. As a world-class institution, we provide cutting-edge education and training that empowers individuals to reach their full potential and succeed in their financial endeavors. Join us on our journey to shape the future of trading and entrepreneurship, and become a part of a community that's driving progress and innovation in the financial world.“

Our Team

Safvan Kappilakath

Director Of Business Development

Mohammed Nasrudheen

Director Of Technical Department

Muhassin Muhammed

Director Of Academic Department

Muhammed Safvan

Global Academic Head

Vishnu Das

Head Of Research & Tech analysis

Mohammed Akheel

Global HR Manager

Mohammed Nafiz

Global Operations Manager

John Joy Panackal

Sales Consultant

Dilshad Razak

Sales Advisor

Badusha Ibrahim

Art Developer

Mohammed Shafeel

Technical Analyst

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